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 Lou and Mike 2009 Upper Lake, Ca. R.I.P Mike


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Lou Derr & Bootleg - Santa Fe

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Lake County Rodeo Needs Us!

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In other News, My family is doing great the kids are doing well. I am truly blessed to have such a great family. Please sign my guestbook and leave a comment when you stop by here. Hopefully we'll be doing a lot more gigging this year and we will have one heck of a good show for ya'll. My son James just took 1st Place at the steel shoot in Lakeport Junior division and was a runner up for TOP SHOT for the whole day. Congrats my Son!


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I Here Ya Knockin live 1991 EQ.mp3


I uploaded a tune from a 1991 Live Radio show we did for KXBX radio. It was recorded at Konocti Harbor Inn in Kelseyville, Ca. The Venue is closed down now. This was when LD&B were at the top of our game. We were playing all over Northern Ca. and had recently just got back from doing a lot of shows in the S.F.Bay area. We were glad to be home and able to perform for our local fans. This was just before Pat Ickes joined the band on Guitar and pedal steel. But we had Andi on Fiddle and Bobbie on Sax, Lou Bob Hodge on acoustic guitar. Kelly Parker on bass guitar and George Novak on drums. I played electric Fender "Tele" lead and did most of the singing. The songs were from a recording of the live show produced from the broadcast board and the cassette tape is very old and brittle. I am slowly moving the songs over to the computer and doing a bit of tweaking on the sound to take out some of the noise from the tape being so old. I hope you enjoy them. I have one song done and uploading it now. You can find it for free. The first song is a cover tune " I Hear Ya Knockin" a Dwight Yoakum song. I will update as I upload more tunes from the broadcast. If I can figure out the exact date I will include that also.


 May 23rd Potter Valley Parade 11am.

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 1990 circa, Cassette insert for "Old #7"


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Lou Derr Is a Singer/Songwriter/Artist that has been working the stages from the West Coast to the Azore Islands and beyond for over 40  years. From California and raised on Haggard and CCR, Lou has come up with a blend of his own he calls "Rockin' Country". He enjoys the stage and performing for the fans, singing and playing the hits from Waylon, Merle, George and Hank Jr. mixed in with his original songs like "Country Girl" and "How Long Has it Been" If you get a chance to see us, be sure to bring along your friends and be ready to dance the night away.

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